Welcome To Adboards


NOTE: Adboards is designed to work in fullscreen mode on a large, dedicated FHD or UHD display and on some tablets. Additionally, it is tested only with the Chrome browser. It will not display properly on a phone screen. You can use this demo page to get an idea of how things appear on a moderately-sized display. Note the following:

  • As a security limitation, the browser won't allow a web page to switch itself to fullscreen display. (Under normal operation we start the browser itself in fullscreen mode.) To enter fullscreen mode for this demo, click the extreme top right corner of the screen. On Windows, do NOT press F11 to enter fullscreen mode, and on MacOS do NOT press Control-⌘-F for semi-fullscreen mode.
  • On a low-resolution screen such as a small notebook you may also need to Zoom Out to make everything fit.
  • Click the the top right corner again or follow the instructions presented by the browser (usually "Press ESC") to exit fullscreen mode. Refresh may be required for images to be resized properly after you switch to fullscreen display.
  • Split-screen mode is not supported on small devices such as tablets, and we will force a wide or tall display.


English - split screen

English - wide

日本語 - split screen

日本語 - wide